Midsouth Kink & Leather Contest Rules

Contest Requirements

Each contestant in the contest competing for either the title of “MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER SIR” or “MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER BOY” must be:

  1. At least twenty-one (21) years old;
  2. Identify as male with demonstrated interest in leather/fetish/kink and experience within the leather/fetish/kink communities;
  3. Able to represent solely the title of “MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER SIR” or “MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER BOY” and not hold any other current title(s) on the date of the regional contest;
  4. A resident of North America (Canada, America, and Mexico); and, must agree to:
  5. Appear onstage wearing appropriate leather/fetish/kink apparel and perform an onstage leather/fetish/kink sexual fantasy of an explicit nature (while conforming with local regulations, if any, pertaining to nudity and obscenity);
  6. Represent their title, if they win, throughout their title year and refrain from competing in any other title contest until the conclusion of their MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER title year;
  7. Advance to a national title contest of HOIST INC.’s choice, should they win;
  8. Permit photographs to be taken of them during the contest weekend and on-stage for the use by HOIST INC. on its website, social media sites, and for any media, marketing, promotional and/or general purposes whatsoever;
  9. Refrain from posing for explicit photographs, videos, etc. to be published or broadcast in any print and/or electronic media, and to refrain from participating in any public live sexual performance, webcast, etc., without the prior written consent of HOIST INC.; and,
  10. Submit fully completed and signed contestant application and photographic release forms and agree to submit to a criminal background check prior to their contestant application being approved and accepted by HOIST INC.

All contestants must arrive at the contest venue (Whispering Oaks Retreat and Campground), for the contest weekend no later than 5pm, Friday, October 7, 2022; and agree to appear in person for all scheduled events during the MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER event weekend up to the completion of the Saturday contest. Winners will be required to be onsite until 3pm Sunday, October 09, 2022.

Judging Method

The MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER contest will consist of one day of competition. All contestants will participate in both Friday and Saturday scheduled events. The winners will be calculated based on the scores from all categories.

A panel of judges shall score each contestant based on the following categories and point allocations:

  1. INTERVIEW: maximum 60 points per judge • Each contestant will meet with the judging panel offstage prior to the contest to answer the judges’ questions about the contestant’s interest in fetish and kink, knowledge, service in the community, and willingness and ability to represent the title.
  2. PHYSIQUE/JOCKSTRAP: maximum 40 points per judge • Each contestant shall appear onstage in body-revealing attire that emphasizes his best physical feature.
  3. POP QUESTION: maximum 20 points per judge • Contestants will draw a pop question, be given a chance to read it, then the MC will read it to the audience and contestants will have a microphone to answer the question. Avoid simply saying yes or no; contestants should show off a quick wit and their spontaneous side.
  4. INTRODUCTION & IMAGE: maximum 40 points per judge • Each contestant will appear onstage to introduce himself to the audience and briefly describe his background or interest in the leather/fetish/kink community, while wearing attire that best represents his image as “MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER SIR” or “MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER BOY.” Political platform speeches are to be avoided. The onstage Introduction shall be no longer than two (2) minutes.
  5. FANTASY: maximum 60 points per judge • Each contestant will perform an onstage leather/fetish/kink sexual fantasy of their choosing based on what represents a personal kink/fetish. The onstage Fantasy shall be no longer than five (5) minutes.