Midsouth Kink & Leather Contest Rules

Contest Requirements

Each contestant in the contest competing for either the title of “MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER SIR 2024” or “MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER BOY 2024” must be:

  1. At least twenty-one (21) years old;
  2. Identify as male with demonstrated interest in leather/fetish/kink and possess experience within the leather/fetish/kink communities;
  3. Able to represent solely the title of “MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER SIR 2024” or “MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER BOY 2024” for the period of their title year (October 7, 2023 to October 5, 2024), and not hold any other current title(s) on the date of the contest;
  4. A resident of North America (Canada, America, and Mexico); and must agree to:
  5. Appear onstage wearing appropriate leather/fetish/kink apparel and perform an onstage leather/fetish/kink sexual fantasy of an explicit nature (while conforming with local regulations, if any, pertaining to nudity and obscenity);
  6. Represent their title, if they win, throughout their title year and refrain from competing in any other title contest until the conclusion of their MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER title year;
  7. Advance to a national title contest in 2025 of HOIST INC.’s approval, should they win;
  8. Permit photographs to be taken of them during the contest weekend and on-stage for the use by HOIST INC. on its website, social media sites, and for any media, marketing, promotional and/or general purposes whatsoever;
  9. Refrain from posing for explicit photographs, videos, etc. to be published or broadcast in any print and/or electronic media, and to refrain from participating in any public live sexual performance, webcast, etc., without the prior written consent of HOIST INC.; and,
  10. Submit fully completed and signed contestant application and photographic release forms and agree to submit to a criminal background check prior to their contestant application being approved and accepted by HOIST INC.

All contestants must arrive at the contest venue, for the contest weekend no later than 9pm, Thursday, October 5, 2023; and agree to appear in person for all scheduled events during PIG WEEKEND IV up to the completion of Saturday’s contest. Winners will be required to remain onsite until 6pm Sunday, October 08, 2023, for photo shoot as titleholders.


The contest will consist of one day of competition. All contestants will participate in both Friday and Saturday scheduled events. The winners will be calculated based on the scores from all categories.

A panel of judges shall score each contestant based on the following categories and point allocations:

  1. INTERVIEW: maximum 100-points per judge (5 subcategories, with 20-points max per each subcategory) – Each contestant will meet with the judging panel prior to the contest to answer the judges’ questions about the contestant’s interest in fetish and kink, knowledge, service in the community, and willingness and ability to represent the title.
  2. INTRODUCTION & IMAGE: maximum 80-points per judge (4 subcategories, with 20-point max per each subcategory) – Each contestant will appear onstage to introduce himself to the audience and briefly describe his background or interest in the leather/fetish/kink community, while wearing attire that best represents his image as “MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER SIR 2024” or “MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER BOY 2024.” Political platform speeches are to be avoided. The onstage Introduction shall be no longer than one (1) minute and thirty (30) seconds.
  3. PHYSIQUE/JOCKSTRAP: maximum 80-points per judge (4 subcategories, with 20-points max each subcategory) – Each the contestant shall appear onstage in body-revealing attire that emphasizes his best physical features.
  4. POP QUESTION: maximum 20-points per judge (2 subcategories, with 10-points max per each subcategory) – Each contestant will draw a pop question, be given a chance to read it, then the emcee will read it to the audience and contestants will have a microphone to answer the question. Avoid simply saying yes or no; contestants should show off a quick wit and their spontaneous side.
  5. FANTASY: maximum 120 points per judge (6-subcategories, with 20-point max per each subcategory) – Each contestant will perform an onstage leather/fetish/kink sexual fantasy of their choosing based on what represents a personal kink/fetish. The onstage Fantasy shall be no longer than five (5) minutes.

Time restrictions will be strictly enforced for each of these categories. Exceeding time restrictions will result in the tally master applying up to a 20-point penalty for that category to the contestant’s score. Time restrictions and allocation of points may be modified with prior notice to the contestants.

Contestants have a maximum score of 400-points in total and must meet a minimum threshold of 75% (300-points) to be eligible to win. The winner and first runner-up shall be selected for both the SIR and BOY categories if applicable. In the event of a tie, each judge has a tie-breaker sheet in which they will fill out to make final determinations.

Additional Information

MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER contestants shall be prohibited from having private meetings or engaging in sexual activity or scene play with the judges prior to the announcement of the results. Any behavior that might create even the appearance of bias will be brought to the attention of the Event Producer who will decide if the disqualification of the judge and/or contestant is warranted. To avoid accidental violation of this policy, all contestants and judges should display their identification badges at all contest events.

MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER contestants will perform an onstage leather/fetish/kink sexual fantasy of their choosing based on what represents a personal kink/fetish that clearly displays the category they are competing for. The scene should show for the judges the contestants’ fetish/kink preferences for play and skills. Each contestant will be judged separately and should be equally represented in the fantasy. Contestants will be allowed to use props, choice of music and/or personal assistants to further enhance the fantasy presentation.

All fantasies must conform to all event space requirements regarding props, flame, smoke, etc. The MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER contest staff will review all fantasy specifications prior to their performance. Any damage due to not following these guidelines will be the responsibility of the contestant.


The winner of the title of “MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER SIR 2024” and “MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER BOY 2024” will receive a prize package that includes but is not limited to the following provided they complete their entire title year in good standing:

  • Travel funds which will be determined by HOIST INC. for each approved “networking” events during 2024 and for the competition in a national title contest in 2025;
  • Registration cost for national title contest in 2025 with HOIST INC.’s approval;
  • An official title vest, with a patch and title rocker (yours to keep);
  • An official title sash to wear during all approved events and during the national title contest in 2025 (to be passed down to next year’s titleholders, during the step-down process); and,
  • Other items as provided by individual sponsors if available.


  • Attend quarterly check in with Event Producer and HOIST INC.;
  • Attend a minimum of (2) events of HOIST INC.’s choice to promote the MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER contest;
  • Attend the MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER weekend event the year following their victory and participate in the step-down process;
  • Wear your title specific clothing at all MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER represented events;
  • Host at least one fundraiser for a charity (either local or nationally);
  • Host a minimum of two (2) fundraisers for the MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER travel fund;
  • Acquire any additional leather/fetish/kink apparel, if required by a national contest; and,
  • Represent the MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER brand well with no code of conduct violations.


During your title year, you will be able to get reimbursed for travel expenses up to the travel fund raised during the title year. Since funds will not be sufficient to cover all expenses related to your travel, we encourage you to supplement the travel fund through fundraising activities and/or your own resources.

All events that you attend need to be recorded/approved with the MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER Event Producer. This assists with marketing and media strategy. In addition, the Event Producer will assist you in travel planning and resources. HOIST INC. has many friends across the country that can assist with housing and travel. Before you book any event, always reach out and inquire about alternative options.


MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER titleholders will be assigned specific social media accounts that will be their responsibility to help maintain with news about their upcoming appearances and interact with individuals. All correspondence that come through your social media accounts must be answered or referred to the Event Producer within 48 hours. Any significant MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER related social media updates should be coordinated with HOIST INC. for brand appropriateness and consistency. Do not submit or participate in any social media discussions that are not MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER and HOIST INC. positive. If you have any concerns about content, please contact the MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER Event Producer.


All MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER titleholders are brand ambassadors and must conduct themselves appropriately. Creating a positive image of the brand, speaking up and expressing your thoughts politely and constructively will reflect well on the organization. Do not participate in any negative discussion regarding MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER and HOIST INC. via social media or in public. Avoid being photographed while publicly intoxicated or using illegal drugs. Violation of the code of conduct policy is grounds for removal of title.


If a titleholder fails to perform their duties as specified or is found to be in violation of any clause in this agreement, or is arrested during their title year, MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER and HOIST INC. both reserve the right to remove their title. Keeping us up to date and communication can reduce many of these concerns. If there are any other situations in your life that may come out during your title year that reflect negatively on you and you have not already included this in your application, be sure to share that with the MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER Event Producer immediately who will escalate to
the HOIST INC. Board of Directors for discussion; please follow this hierarchy of staff.

If a titleholder is removed from their position, HOIST INC. may ask the first runner up to serve in their place as titleholder for the balance of the title year. The removed titleholder must return their MIDSOUTH KINK & LEATHER vest with patches and paraphernalia, title sash, medallions, and trophies pertaining to the revoked title immediately and forfeits any prizes not already redeemed. The removed titleholder will not be considered as having stepped down and will not be accorded the rights and benefits of an alumni titleholder.