HOIST is a men’s leather & fetish fraternal organization founded in Memphis, Tennessee in 2015. We are a nonprofit / 501 (c) (3) corporation and donations are tax-deductible.

Our Story

Blazing our own trail, HOIST is a “New Guard” leather club that still honors the “Old Guard” traditions. HOIST bolsters the ideals of brotherhood and friendship, promoting social and charitable functions among adult men, and those who identify as male, who are interested in BDSM, leather, and fetishes within the kink community. We are always welcoming new members to be part of our organization, which not only supports its own members but all those in the broader community.

HOIST is active in providing time, energy, and donations to local and state organizations that protect, strengthen, and empower our LGBTQIA people, as well as to others who are in need. Some of the organizations we support are OUTMemphis, Friends for Life, Mid-South Pride, Tennessee Equality Project (TEP), and Love Doesn’t Hurt. HOIST is always looking for ways to expand our reach, with the collective energy of all our members.

HOIST Core Values


Our Colors

Our colors are Blue, Black, White, and Red, which are the same colors as the Leather Flag. HOIST is proud to display our colors in two of our local bars that serve our community: The Pumping Station (formerly The Pipeline—one of the oldest continuous gay bars in the Southeast United States) and DRUS Bar (formerly DRUS Place).